Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Zero To Hero

Sturken and Cartwright explain that the goal of Postmodernism is to look at the “values that underlie all systems of thought and thus to question the ideologies within them that are seen as natural” (313). Media forms that embody postmodern ideals, therefore, require audiences that “will not be fooled by techniques of propaganda and illusionism, [people] who will get the reference, who [are] media and image savvy” (316). In most cases, these target audiences are parents.

The Disney movie, Hercules, is a great example of a media form structured by postmodern ideas. In the movie, Hercules emerges as a hero through his acts of bravery and displays of strength. As his acts of bravery spread throughout Greece, Hercules achieves “celebrity” status. Along with being well-known and receiving constant praise, Hercules becomes the face of everything from sandals to water bottles. Turning Hercules into an obtainable commodity is Disney’s attempt to parody the capitalistic and materialistic society that we have become as well as our unhealthy obsession with celebrities. Hercules can therefore be seen as a satire of the Western world wrapped up in a conventional fairy tale.


  1. This is a great example haha I love this song!

  2. lovee this movie -- interesting how disney movies are putting out stories such as these....never thought about the postmodern view of things