Monday, December 7, 2009

Celebratory Vidding

After reading in Francesca Coppa's article that most " vidders make an infinite variety of arguments about the television shows and films they love—theorizing about characters, fleshing out relationships, emphasizing homoerotics, picking apart nuances of plot and theme—these arguments frequently articulate alternative perspectives, particularly in terms of gender and sexuality" and seeing that statement exemplified in the buffy/edward vid, I remembered a vid I had seen before that didn't quite fit into Coppa's defintion of subverting the usual oppressive way women are seen in specific shows, but rather showcased the women on television who are portrayed as strong, independent and really freaking awesome. While the vid may not be offering and alternative view, its still commenting on and celebrating female characters on television. This video probably has 50 or so different fandoms represented. Fantastically, I might add.

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  1. I still remember when I first heard this song in Hilary Duff's "Cadet Kelly"... Haha