Monday, December 7, 2009

Spartans on a Dancefloor

According to Francesca Coppa, vidding is a form of grassroots film making that which puts together scenes from either movies or television and sets it to music to create a commentary on a particular viewpoint; essentially they are "visual essays." I really enjoyed the Buffy Vs. Edward vid; in the midst of the media's Twilight's obsession, it's refreshing to see Edward playing a role that is less favorable and domineering towards girls.  
I found a video created by Luminosity, who has remixed and reinterpreted many other movies and television shows to create a message. This clip has been cut from the movie, "300," the paradigm film of the macho mentality as it emphasizes and exaggerates male masculinity. This vid is set to Madonna's song "Vogue," which is about letting your body "move to the music" highlighting that "beauty is where you find it." This vid reverses the role of the gaze and demasculinzes the epic battle scenes in 300 to a frivolous dance party. The first 40 secnds cut to shots of Leonidus looking at Xerxes, which in this particular context suggests an underlying sexual tension.

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  1. this is very good!
    and I agree about the Edward Cullen part.... cant stand him, so it was a good way to see him portrayed from a different angle :)