Thursday, December 3, 2009

Walt Whitman Wants You To Buy New Jeans

By discussing Cindy Sherman's photography, Sturken & Cartwright mention that "nostalgic references to other historical periods is another hallmark of post-modern art" (256).

Have any of you guys seen the latest Levi commercials? If not check these out.

Instantly, we hear the scratchy recording of someone's voice reciting a voice. In both commercials, the poems "Kalliope" and "Pioneers! O Pioneers" by Walt Whitman are being used to successfully set a nostalgic tone that the Levi's campaign is clearly aiming for. These two commercials also embody polysemy since there doesn't seem to be one clear meaning. Are we supposed to go out and start a revolution...while wearing Levi jeans? Or perhaps there's a stronger social commentary?

What do you guys think?

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