Wednesday, December 9, 2009


As a transfer student I was nervous to start my first semester at NYU. Being a communications major I have taken other media classes at my previous college, but I must say that this is the first class I have really enjoyed when it comes to analyzing media. I mean who get's to say that my assignment is to write a paper about a TV show. It's pretty nice.
I really like the topics that we covered throughout the year. I felt like some of them got a little repetitive, such as always talking about blacks and whites. There was some including of other races, but a lot of it was centered around blacks and whites. I really like our textbook. I think it's really current and very easy to understand. Also, I really liked our conversations about daily media news that was happening throughout the semester ...aka LADY GAGA :) I liked posting on the blog. I thought it's a really nice way to interact with the media as well as our class and is greatly reflective of what we were learning in class. I also liked the films that we saw in class, although some of the older ones were a little boring. Many of the readings were interesting. Some were too long, but you get those in every class. I really feel that the techniques that I've learned about media criticism will truly be utilized in my later career.
Thanks Alice for a great class!!

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