Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Postmodern Body & Pop Icons

In this chapter, Sturken & Cartwright refer to the "issues of identity and the postmodern body," (p.326). They claim that the body is easily transformed through a number of different ways. With this the postmodern body is "integrated with contemporary concepts," (p.326). Their examples with transformations of identity is easily seen with pop icons such as Madonna and Michael Jackson. Madonna is known for her many personalities and appearances throughout her career. Obviously, Michael Jackson took on a more physical change with his appearance rather than character and style. However, I'm interested in who they are calling the new Madonna, the only and one Ms. Lady Gaga. Clearly Lady Gaga is not afraid to speak her mind nor is she afraid to express herself through costume or performance. She is truly one of a kind. Struken and Cartwright say that "body and identity become infinitely malleable in a culture in which the image is the ultimate register of experience," (p.326-7). Lady Gaga's is the ultimate example of revealing her body and identity in unique and innovative ways. In a recent interview with Ellen Degeneres she says, "the whole point of what i do, the monster ball, the music, the performance art aspect of it, I wanted to create a space for my fans for them to feel free because I didn't fit in in high school," (Lady Gaga on Ellen). Lady Gaga is known for her outrageous costumes and her crazy performances, so what will she think of next? Will she be the next Madonna and create new and different identities with each album? Only time will tell...Lady Gaga and Madonna were on SNL a couple of weeks ago doing a skip playing up the so-called "rivalry" between them. It's funny, check it out


  1. haha I definitely think Lady Gaga exemplifies elements postmodernity through her wardrobe and music. Also, Saturday Night Live skits often involve parodies and ironic undertones, also characteristic of postmodern media texts.

  2. Lady Gaga was actually accused of stealing some of her outfits from some other singer.

    The above links takes you to the pictures.

    I think they look pretty similar. Still, Lady Gaga is still pretty artsy, and I agree that she does show elements of postmodernism through her music and style.