Thursday, December 10, 2009

Looking Back Looking Forward

It’s after four, so this might be a little short. But hopefully (if I wake up tomorrow) I’ll expand on this. Despite my reservations about the class in the beginning of the semester I have come to learn a great deal about a subject I would otherwise have only anecdotal knowledge of. What has been so interesting is the classification of principles and practices I only knew intuitively. This process has been equally enlightening and disheartening as, one of hand, I can articulate myself with greater ease and, on the other, my insight into media and culture has proven to be unimaginative and highly predictable.

But for something the class could use? I do wish we had spent a little more time on the book. There were several chapters we did not go over in depth that I would have liked to. And, not too come off as lazy (thought I often am) I did find the readings at time to be a bit lengthy and cumbersome (in addition to the weekly blogpost)..I often found myself skimming through readings (and missing important points.) Perhaps a fewer number or more condensed readings would have better. That having been said I think the weekly blogpost was an excellent component of the class and did a phenomenal job of keeping me engaged and on track.

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