Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What I Learned In This Class

I learned a lot of things from this class. Because the majority of the articles that we read tended to focus on familiar television shows and films, I was able to learn more about what these media texts were really saying. I was especially fascinated by the articles that focused on HBO, Disney films, American Idol, and The OC.

I also learned a lot of terminology that I feel will really help me with future media studies classes. It was good to get some clarity on terms regarding semiotic analysis, and I also appreciated learning more about postmodernism, which before was a term that didn't really mean too much to me.

Overall, I appreciated developing a 'critical eye' when it comes to media texts. I remember that at the beginning of the semester we were asked to describe what things in the media bothered us, and I was unable to come up with anything. Now, I can come up with lots of examples...

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