Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Various Functions of the Remix Culture

McIntosh and Coppa both claim that the art of 'fan vidding' is used to send critical messages about specific media texts. We are living in a digital age that provides the ease access to technological tools that allows active fans of various television shows, musicians, and films to draw comparisons, highlight critiques, and get laughs through the mashup technique.

This particular example of the remix culture does not serve to highlight any dominant ideologies or demonstrate any deep seated elements of stereotyping or generalizing. I just think it's funny and well done.

Vidding can also draw comparisons between differing media texts in order to show similar patterns:

Overall, videos such as these place content control in the hands of the active viewer, leading them to recreate their own interpretations for others to see. The remix culture will most likely increase in the future with the added amount of material, technological devices, and passionate yet critical fans.

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