Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's already December?!?

Overall, I genuinely enjoyed myself in this class, and learned a whole lot too. And this is most likely an echo, but the class blog was a great idea for a number of reasons. Unlike Blackboard, it's not difficult to work with and it doesn't go down when you need it the most. So I really appreciated that. I also enjoyed reading everyone else's blogs. After awhile, I could start reading someone's blog, and based on their style of writing, I would know who authored it - is that creepy?

Anyways, I think having two blogs a week and requiring people to write two comments a week is a good idea - another class of mine this semester used Blogger, but it was a weekly thing, and no one really interacted, so it was a bit boring. This class blog is also a good tool for an introverted person like myself who doesn't really talk a lot in class. Through the blog, I was able to say what I had to say without actually saying it. :)

And speaking of class discussion, I thought Alice did a great job of mediating it and making sure it stayed on track. A lot of classes I've been in have often strayed off topic and tend to go in circles, but I felt that discussion in this class never did that.

As far as assignments go, I thought the paper topics given and the grades we received were fair. However, I think more time to work on the final project would be more beneficial - this time of year gets pretty crazy for everyone. And as much as I love talking about black people vs. white people in the media, I think that more emphasis could be placed elsewhere - for example, I was really interested in the postmodernism unit that we just finished. Doing more with that would be cool.

Oh, and the documentaries! I enjoyed all the documentaries we watched, because they were the most able to compare different media texts - so maybe if there are more like those that relate to the topics of discussion and are available online, it could serve as an assignment for future students to blog about?

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