Monday, December 14, 2009

What I've Learned...

I can't believe the semester is went by way too fast! But yayy for christmas :) Media Crit is truly one of my favorite classes from my college experience. I feel like I really have a solid understanding of how to critique media and also enjoy it in so many more ways. I really enjoyed all of the topics that we covered throughout the class. But moreover, I really liked how we incorporated mainstream media into our studies. The fact that I could tell my friends I was writing a paper on a tv show character was pretty sweet. I think what i'll take away most is that you really do use all of our critiquing skills, if you will, in our everyday lives and whether it be in the media or opening my eyes to new perspectives and ways of looking at things in my job experience, I really feel prepared and well equipped to move forward. It's been a really great class and I can't wait for break ahhhhhh

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