Friday, December 4, 2009

Queer Housewife Bethany

So after watching the "horror" version of the trailer for Pretty Woman I found a whole bunch of vids that were made using other pop culture. One that I thought was really well done was the queer housewife. Bethany's character on the desperate housewives is a single successful woman. She is strong headed and a tough cookie, if you will to be with. She has noted throughout the show that she suffers from daddy issues, which is one of the contributing factors as to why she has so much trouble with men. However, this vid portrays her in a new light. I found this remix to be successful compared to some of the others I had watched. Knowing her background story and how her relationships with men always seem to falter (although now she is pregnant and engaged), you could possibly see her experimenting with her sexuality and becoming a part of the gay community. What do you think?

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  1. Instead of adding certain production elements,such as music, and other completely different media texts, these particular videos appear to be cutting out parts of the show, using minimalism in order to get their theories across. This strategy appears to work well.