Wednesday, December 9, 2009


As a required introductory course, I really enjoyed this class. I found all of the readings and lectures to be very interesting. The class covered a broad range of topics that fall under media and I really liked how each topic related to everything else we had learned up until that point. I also found the blog to be really beneficial to the class. I love how we were able to interact in an informal way but we still discussed the lessons and readings from each class. I had never written on a blog before and I am really glad that we were required to do so for this class because it will definitely help me in the future.
The downfalls to this class were limited. I wish we had some sort of feedback from you on our blog posts because I did not know what standards you held and how you will be grading them.
Other than that I really enjoyed your class! It was fun, interesting, and I feel that I learned to look at media in an entirely new way.
Thank you!

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