Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Notebook, re-cut

First of all, that Buffy vs. Edward video was amazing and very smart. The vid artist did an excellent job on juxtaposing Buffy, the strong independent female lead, to Edward, whose character has fallen for a very submissive girl; gender roles are definitely key elements in making the two videos work together. Coppa's article also explained vidding as arguments regarding female oppression and other tensions in a way I never perceived mash-ups/vids.

In the same light, I found this The Notebook re-cut on youtube created by Fatima Pineada. In case you are not familiar with the original movie, The Notebook (see below, below) is a sweet love story about a guy who loves the girl from the beginning all the way to the end, through separations and Alzheimer's. Basically. In a slightly similar idea that makes Twilight fangirls go crazy for Edward Cullen, a striking fellow (Noah) pursues the main girl (Allie) in The Notebook and does all kinds of cute things for her (although for Twilight, watching a girl sleep without her knowing is creepy in my book), but Allie's parents do not approve of their relationship due to socio-economic differences. In the end of the movie/book, their love prevails all.

However, in this mash-up, Allie looks like a stalker because of her undeniable love for Noah. This alternative perspective is interesting because a guy going after a girl despite her saying "No," like in the beginning of this movie, is not seen as psycho at all.

As Radway says in "Reading the Romance," the "romantic fantasy is therefore not a fantasy about discovering a uniquely interesting life partner, but a ritual wish to be cared for, loved, and validated in a particular way" (265).

If you remember, Noah dangles on the ferris wheel, demanding that Allie go out with him.. and that's not crazy.. Really, you should re-watch the original The Notebook trailer:


  1. wow all of those clips out of context really make Allie seem like a crazy psycho. I love that the song in the background is the song that she played in one scene of the movie and it's used to intensify the stalkerish quality we get from her.

  2. OMG.... that notebook thriller remake... BRILLIANT !!!!
    how much a music and a rearrangement of the scenes makes a difference!
    wow... i would actually go to see that version of it. amazing!

  3. Great example! Just by choosing specific scenes to show coupled with the eerie, off-tune Chopin piano Prelude, The Notebook suddenly falls into the same category as "Swim Fan" rather than a lovey-dovey romance film.

  4. I think this kind of obsessive be all end all love is, in fact, psychotic and damaging and should be portrayed in fiction as so--whether it be the guy or girl initiating it . When I was in middle school, I saw Moulin Rouge and all I really took away from it was "The greatest thing you'll ever learn was just to love and be loved in return." I remember fervently believing that this was the greatest truth in life-to fall so in love that it defines your entire existence. Now, I'm not saying a little love isn't something worth aspiring to, but I do think there is something dangerous about perpetuating fairy tale myths about how love conquers all and makes you happy forever and ever. Why do we set up people to have these really high standards for the way they want to live their life, when very few people actually achieve this kind of love or romance?

  5. Ah, a question which I'll never know the answer. All those romantic movies are ridiculous for setting such high expectations for life! Not to be cynical, but it doesn't exist except in fairy tales which is why it's a category of its own.. kind of like how shows set in high school or college and never acknowledge students having homework or stressful finals to study for; they just have love triangles and parties.

  6. Wow this is a great example!! It reminds me of the Pretty Woman example, as the scenes were manipulated to make a chick flick look like a thriller. This trailer definitely does a good job changing the premise of the film. I definitely think that the slow, slightly creepy music in this scene has a large role to play in making the movie look stalkerish and creepy.