Monday, December 14, 2009

What I learned...

I do feel like I've taken a lot away from this class. Most specifically how to write better papers. My thesis statements are much more detailed and scholarly, and I feel that I have had a lot of opportunities to practice writing techniques and learning how to incorporate our readings with fun things like television show characters and advertisements. I appreciate all the one-on-one help and I know I will be able to take what I've learned as far as getting feedback on papers so that I can excel in other media classes.

I also feel that I am a better critic of media in general because we have looked at media through numerous lenses- the obvious ones such as race, class, and gender, but also the not as obvious ones such as postmodernism and psychoanalysis. This proves that there is no one correct way to critique media but rather that it is important to back up your points with proper sources so that really, you could argue anything and still be making good points.

I've also tried to learn time management because our lengthy assignments, such as the final group paper and presentation, have really forced us to work ahead and stay focused because it's very stressful trying to get everything done, and getting it done well.

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