Thursday, December 10, 2009


Oh no! I just realized that there was an error and my blog post never went through. Let's try this again. Sorry..

Things I liked:
- Alice, you rock. You always had an eloquent, well thought out answer to all of our comments and questions and never made it seem like you were talking down at us. You were able to create an environment that wasn't intimidating but that was still conducive to scholarly learning.
- I loved the Blog; great idea. Having a space where we could interact outside a classroom setting was awesome and allowed us to form a sort of scholarly community.
- The use of present day examples in media
- Discussion based

Things I didn't like so much:
- 2 blog posts per week could have been dropped down to just 1 per week.
- Classroom set up. I didn't like that we were sitting in rows and couldn't see each other.
- I would have liked to spend more time on post-modernism and vids
- Wish we had more time for final

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