Wednesday, December 9, 2009

my comments

I liked...
-blogging (versus printing &/or Blackboard)
-Professor Alice Marwick
-being given 3 days of unquestioned/excused absences
-the flexibility & freedom of discussions
-the current, relatable examples in addition to good oldies
-the new things I learned from class/reading
-the structure of 3 assignments
-the amount of PowerPoint lectures--few but good for introducing a new topic

Sorry, I didn't like...
-not getting blog feedback from Professor
-talking about race but not really all races (much on white & black)
-the seating arrangement because it doesn't allow me to hear/see fellow peers, esp since we discuss most of the time
-being given little time for the final (honestly, Thanksgiving did not count as potential group-meeting time), but at the same time, it's only because everything is due on the same day.
-making this post at the end.

But thanks for making this one of my favorite classes this semester!


  1. AMEN.
    I like totally sign underneath this:)

  2. i agree with you caroline about the last couple of blog assignments as well as the final paper!!!!

  3. Yeah. I totally agree with the race thing. I mean, I got super excited when we got to read about Asians in the media, but then was immediately disappointed that they are still so stereotypically portrayed.