Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Voyeurism and the Gaze

This was an international ad for contact lenses, with a not so subtle message as the selling point--in order to participate in voyeurism, one must be able to see clearly, and that's difficult with fogged up glasses. Where might one be when their glasses fog up? Well, hot and steamy areas like showers, saunas, and changing rooms, for starts.

"The Steamy Room" was a large campaign, with both print and television advertising. Thus, it came as no surprise that something like this was created:

However, the second part of the ad campaign was shocking to me. I expected it to simply feed into the male gaze. After all, attractive women were featured in the commercial, and one can be seen through a foggy lens in the print ad.

The powers that be in charge of developing this campaign decided to do so evenly, and objectify men just as much as they did women--rather impressive, truth be told:

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