Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Class Critique

Well, it's safe to say, "I LOVED MEDIA CRITICISM!" Haha I really did though. I have to agree with "Bob," underneath me who said this was the best class to go to if you have to take a 9:30am class. I enjoyed how the class had, for the most part, a free and relaxed atmosphere. Sure things got stressful during the weeks we were writing papers, but we were given all our assignments well in advance, and I think had ample time to finish everything and produce a worthy piece of media criticism. I, personally, spent a lot of time in office hours, so I am very thankful for Alice being so available to help outside of the classroom, as well as promptly answering emails on line. Furthermore, I enjoyed class time the most because it wasn't a boring lecture the entire time we were there, but rather some examples from the previous night's blog, a power point, and then some open-ended discussion. This kept the class from getting boring because we never focused on one thing for too long and were able to cover a variety of topics. I think the blog was a very innovative idea, and I think I speak for the entire class when I say that is is SO much better than posting on blackboard. It still makes us have to do the readings because we obviously have to blog about it but I think it facilitates learning even more because we are able to dig up examples and read/watch other people's posts if we don't understand something. The only thing that I didn't enjoy as much were the readings that were more lengthy, definition-filled pieces such as the Hall article(s), but I found myself going back and using those kind of readings the most in my papers, so they are pretty essential. The readings on Sex and the City and The Hills/Laguna Beach were my favorite because I'm obsessed with all those shows and it was interesting being able to learn something constructive about them in school, too. All in all, it was a great class and I hope my stress levels decrease the closer I get to finishing this final paper... haha. Thanks again!

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  1. i agree i really liked the sex and the city stuff!! it's my fav always :)