Wednesday, December 9, 2009

List Form!

Good things:
-engaging discussions
-use of both text book definitions and modern examples to teach concepts
-the blog instead of blackboard
-alice's availability outside of class for questions and help
-relaxed atmosphere of class that let people be comfortable voicing their opinions
-really interesting articles for the most part (I think the only one I didn't like was the Sex and the City and Consumerism one)
- the way the class was conducted and the interesting and the relatable issues we addressed made the class highly HIGHLY enjoyable and was probably my favorite class of the semester.

Not so good:
-how the articles we had to read for Thursday classes always ended up being the long ones.
-9:30 am start time (but thanks for excusing my perpetual lateness!)
-small amount of time to write the thursday blog posts
-we spent a lot of time on some topics (race, representation) and very little on others (postmodernism)
-amount of time given for final paper/presentation (my stress levels are bananas right now)

All in all it was a great class and I would 100% take another class with Alice as the prof!

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