Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lady Gaga vs. Christopher Walken vs. Cartman

In Francesca Coppa's "Theory: Women, Star Trek, and the early development of fannish vidding," she defines vidding as "a form of grassroots filmmaking in which clips from television shows and movies are set to music." While this "Lady Gaga vs. Christopher Walken vs. Cartman" video is not necessarily the best example of vidding because it does not use the "music in order to comment on or analyze a set of preexisting visuals." However, this video does contain visuals of Cartman from South Park and Christopher Walken from the Halloween special on BBC1. This video commentates on the (perhaps) ever expanding influence of Lady Gaga's music.

Further, perhaps shows like South Park, are functioning the same way as vids are in that they too use "music in order to comment on or analyze." In that particular South Park episode, Cartman then changes the lyrics of Lady Gaga's Poker Face to reflect the Whaling industry.

Here's the video:


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  2. Christopher Walken reading Lady Gaga lyrics might just be the best thing I've ever seen on the internet.