Monday, December 7, 2009

'Tis the season...

So as everybody has already mentioned in their posts, Coppa's article talks about the vids that are clips from the movies, put together, and edited with a specific soundtrack that directly reflects on the action that is happening on the screen.
But I wanted to take a slightly different approach to this topic. Although Vids are very popular, especially on YouTube, we all know about re-makes of the movies, so that if they were originally a horror, they were re-cut in order to appear as a comedy, for example. There are also mash-ups that combine clips from two or more movies in order to create a whole (here I was actually even thinking of entire movies such as "Not Another Teen Movie" that in its entire plot is a mash up of many teen movies).

So since 'Tis the season.... we all know that we will soon be able to see Home Alone on TV, especially during the Christmas Week. And so I thought that it would be a funny thing to see how Home Alone would look like if... it was a horror. So check it out below... (nobody get scared now:) )

Now... I also wanted to show you guys a mash up that my classmates and I made last year for our History of the Universe project on Interplanetary Matter. It is a mash-up of two movies: "Armageddon" and "Deep Impact," and the final outcome that we wanted to show in our presentation's video, is supposed to show the real danger of a huge asteroid striking the Earth. Hope you like the mash up
(which took way too long to upload).


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  2. HAHAH the music KILLS me. So dramatic. Who would have thought that baby-faced Macaulay Culkin could be made to look so terrifying??

  3. OMG i love all of the home alone movies i have like marathons every year and ive never seen this nor thought about how this could be turned into a horror film...soooo cool!

  4. I think the creator of this vid could have stuck with the movie's theme song to give it the "thriller" vibe. The opening credits always terrified me. I think that if I hadn't seen the movie, I may think it was actually supposed to be a horror just from the beginning.