Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I definitely enjoyed this class. I have to say that it was one of my favorite classes this semester, and definitely one of the favorite classes that i took while at NYU.

some things that I liked:
-i really enjoyed the atmosphere that was in the class. it wasn't super formal and official, yet it wasn't completely laid back either. perfect balance!
-Alice Marwick, as a professor: funny, honest, helpful, and eager to make the class as fun as possible
-PowerPoints: not too much of them, just as the background resource for the lecture
-lectures: they weren't simply read from the paper; it was a conversation between the Professor and the students.
-the way that the class was constantly related to the everyday, known media pieces
-the blog: muuuuch better and more effective than blackboard posts, or writing responses on paper
-the documentaries: super interesting, and they taught as many important facts as the lectures; they gave a historical context to the class

some negatives:
-a lot of repetition of things that we already know: gender, race, class
-some of the readings weren't interesting, and many of them (especially for Thursday) were too long
-not enough time for the bog posts between Tuesday and Thursday
-not enough time to write the last two papers
-assignments were due the same time that other classes (although this cannot be altered I think)
-certain topics, such as race and gender, were given too much time, while others such as postmodernism and psychoanalysis were not

Overall, I think that my memories and experiences of this class would be very pleasant. I had a great time this semester, met some cool and interesting people, and was lucky enough to pick Alice as the Professor: she made the class that much more enjoyable. Thanks!

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