Tuesday, November 3, 2009

VH1's "The Bachlorette"

In Andi Zeisier’s article, she asserts that even woman-centric reality shows are not feminist whatsoever. She also suggest that these shows are subjected to the male gaze, which is that women might see other women the way a man does “because those images are constructed to be seen by men” (Zeisier 7). This is true in shows like “Daisy of Love,” where the premise is that Daisy, as a “Rock of Love” reject, is here to find true love.
Daisy is still dressed in revealing clothes and has a ton of makeup and platinum blond hair. While she is the person to please in the show, she is portrayed through male gaze and therefore must dress this way to appeal to the male contestants of the show and the audience. Furthermore, just like a soap opera, this show “reinforces the status quo with respect to the nature of sex roles and of interpersonal relationships in a patriarchal culture” (Rogers 476). The show stars Riki Rachtman, who is portrayed as someone that advises Daisy in who can be her real love.
It makes Rachtman appears to be the sage that Daisy consults with, as if she cannot make her own decisions and cannot trust her own judgement.

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