Thursday, November 12, 2009

Freaks and Geeks' Lindsay Weir is in a unique situation, for she's essentially the only person in the entire series who can't be grouped into one of the aforementioned categories. She embodies the ability to blend both as an individual, for she wears a green army jacket rather than the prim clothes of the female "geeks" or the skimpy outfits seen on "freaks." Even more interestingly, she's able to rebel in her own way, as both a freak and a geek, by facilitating cheating on a math exam through her expertise as a former mathlete. "Tests and Breasts" features one of her most memorable scenes, in which she bursts out into uncontrollable laughter in front of a peer, her parents, and school administration, once she realizes that she has been played by Daniel (wonderfully played by James Franco), leader of the freaks. Lindsay's ability to create her own set of rules through appearance and behavior, in an environment where everyone tends to fall into some large grouping, indicates a lot about her character's will.


  1. This is a sick sick of the best. It would probably be really helpful to look at socio-economic class when doing this paper cause that is one of the biggest differences between Lindsay and the "freaks." Her family is fairly affluent, while when you see the other's houses, it is pretty obviously marked as lower class, from what I can remember.