Monday, November 23, 2009

You Go Glenn Co Co!

One of the main topics that Shugart discusses is the gay best friend. When taking a look at Mean Girls (shout out to Kim! haha), we watch as Damian assumes the role of the flamboyant gay best friend. As Shugart mentions, he is contrasted with the high school heart throb, Aaron Samuels.

"the relationship between these men and their heterosexual female best friends is coded as romantic, and the lead gay male characters are contrasted with highly flamboyant, outrageously stereotypical gay male characters who function as foils against which the leading men emerge as more traditionally masculine and, thus, more consistent with mainstream tropes of heterosexuality" (Shugart, 72).

As the gay best friend, Damian is not put in a romantic situation and only serves as the "sidekick" or the one to give advice. However, at the end of the movie, him and best friend Janice share a kiss at their school dance, as if to test Damien's gayness incase they really did like each other, however a look of disgust instantly appears across their faces as if to say "what were we thinking?? you're gay!"


  1. Haha Nadia! See, you can apply anything and everything to Mean Girls.

    Oh Damian! Please forgive me for not writing about you as a reference to Shugart's article!

  2. haha, this movie was MADE by stereotypes. Love it!

  3. Janice could have been the lesbian sidekick. She's very butch throughout the movie.

  4. Damien's character is awesome in this movie, but I still think that his character is too over-the-top gay even though that is exactly what the movie was going for.