Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dr. Bailey Thesis

Dr. Bailey is a defining character on ABC's award-winning series, Grey's Anatomy, because she both exemplifies and rejects society's modern African American stereotypes. Through her tough attitude, plump figure, and motherly motives, Dr. Bailey possess the exact qualities of what it means to be a "black modern mammy," however, she also resists racial and gender stereotypes by challenging the norms and becoming a successful black, female resident and the most highly respected doctor at Seattle Grace Hospital.


  1. I really think that Dr. Bailey is a great character to examine. She is stable and reliable. You know what to expect because she knows her shit! I love her!

  2. I think that she's a fantastic character choice, and that what might be the most interesting component to analyze is one of her frail, vulnerable moments--I stopped watching a year or two ago, but she had some fantastic stuff with her husband right around the birth of her child. Perhaps a look at what it takes to get this strong, brilliant, alpha female to get to such a low level?