Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Christina Yang thesis

Christina Yang’s character in Grey’s Anatomy resists racial and gender stereotypes which is exemplified through her respectable, serious role as a doctor, her acquired American accent, as well as her independent, dominant, and unemotional characteristics. Her character has progressively challenged gender and racial ideologies but when the episode, Elevator Love Letter, reveals many underlying facets to her character, specifically her weaker, emotional side, audiences are left to question whether Christina’s character has actually made that much progress in defying stereotypes. 


  1. hmm.. nice.
    I like the idea and the way that you're taking this paper.

  2. Yay for doing papers on Grey's Anatomy! I can't wait till this weeks show! I deff love the episode you're writing about- I couldn't believe it when I actually saw Christina show some emotion! I was like wow finally, she is a real person deep down like the rest of us! haha

  3. I think Christina is a really interesting character to choose to write about. I think there is a lot you can say about her.