Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tila Tequila, Sexualized Asian

Within the episode titled, Crime Doesn’t Play, Tom Scavo’s character portrays a disheartened, careless male who reconnects with his “masculinity” by ways of his costume, dialogue and interactions with his wife, Lynette. Tom therefore, epitomizes the white, male heteronormative ideology, revealing the patriarchally centered world that Desperate Housewives wishes to both criticize and uphold.

The Hagedorn article, “No Joy, No Luck,” made me think of the popular television personality, “Tila Tequila.” Tila fits the bill that Hagedorn explains Hollywood constructs, an exoticized, over-sexualized Asian woman. Tila, like Hagedorn explains France Nuyen’s character in South Pacific, is only prized for her looks and her body. Tila, like France, is therefore, “submissive, silent and eager for sex. (74)” In fact, her entire celebrity persona is based on these three characteristics alone. Why is Tila Tequila so popular? Well it’s a combination of things. Her little frame, over-sexualized personality, her exotic look and oh yeah, her career in porn.

Epitomized Asian Pictures (Tila holding a samurai sword)




  1. h yeah!
    you're right. I haven't thought about Tila in the light of this article. but you're absolutely correct. Tila represents the sexy Oriental girl that is the fantasy of every man.

  2. Worth note that Tila comes from the nightlight circuit and happened upon television due to her celebrity there.

  3. Yeah, and it definitely doesn't help her image that she had that reality t.v. show where she pretends to be bisexual!