Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Friend or Foe ??

OK... so I was originally thinking of writing my paper on the character of Dr. Lightman from the Lie to Me show that airs on FOX.
BUT... as we were talking today in class, I sort of got enlightened, and I decided to write about this character instead. I finally decided to write about Cappie, who is one of the main characters of the ABC's show Greek.
I actually decided to use the latest episode of Greek, titled "Friend or Foe" because it gives a lot of insight into who Cappie is, and it shows the different ways that he is portrayed by his surroundings. We also see the different ways that Cappie acts, sort of adjusting his persona to the situation given. I just think that there is a bunch of good things that represe
nt ideological identities, that are visible through the character of Cappie. Especially in this particular episode.

Below, you can watch the episode. I actually got it from, even though I usually watch it on the official website if I miss the episode. Enjoy!

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  1. I think this is a really great paper topic!! I love this show.