Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh, Ms. Fine!

This is still very much a work in progress... :)

The "flashy girl from flushing" Fran Fine, also known as the Nanny is recognized for her "style and flare." After all, "that's how she became the nanny." However, by exuding her femininity and being the "Jewish princess" that she is, her character both flaunts and addresses her class status. Working for a British, Broadway producer doesn't help to conceal much either. Throughout the show, Fran Fine and Maxwell Sheffield develop a loving and many a times inappropriate relationship that eventually leads to a union of marriage. In the episode of The Wedding, Fran's character demonstrates sexuality, ethnicity and class when interrogating their future together as husband and wife. Fran becomes conflicted and insecure about who she is and how their different backgrounds will effect their marriage and their family. Thus, Maxwell reminds Ms. Fine that it is who she is, nasal voice and all that has brought life and love back into his once "lost" family.

Here's a brief clip :)

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