Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Ugly Thesis

In the television series Ugly Betty, the title character Betty Suarez humorously takes on dominant gender and racial ideologies as she tirelessly attempts to make her professional dreams come true. Overall, Betty's actions concerning her professional advancement in the episode "When Betty Met Yeti" are representative of the uncharacteristically diverse television show's creators' desire to present the issue of the lack of minorities, specifically Mexicans, in high profile careers in America. The complexities of this societal issue are largely represented by the conversations held between Betty and the other characters, both minority and White; and although Betty eventually succeeds in her goal, the episode's unnaturally serious tone is conducive of its underlying desire to transcend popular stereotypes that constantly place Latinos in lower class jobs.

Usually, I don't write my thesis statement until I've finished the rest of the paper, so this is very, very rough...

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