Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ms. New Booty

The video above is for Bubba Sparx's song, Ms. New Booty, which from the sound of the title, is about butts. In the very beginning of the video, it shows Bubbas Sparx and a salesman endorsing a product that turns normal women into sexy women. With this magic product, they become more sexified and they shake their butts.

Similar in Hook's article, the women in the audience of the music think that the only way to become sexy is to have nice butts. There is a special emphasis on getting the perfect butt; perfect butt equals sexy and happy.

As Bubba Sparx claims, they have to "get it right and get it tight" to be sexy.

"The protruding butt is an indication of a heightened sexuality." Indeed, this can be said about a majority of hip-hop and rap songs. Most of these songs nowadays exploit female body parts and in many of the music videos (Bubbas Sparx's just one of many), black women are used as extras functioning as dancers and nothing else.

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