Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Peggy (Mad Men) Thesis

Peggy Olson is an insecurely rebellious character trying to find her place in the patriarchal structure of Sterling-Cooper, as well as American society in the 1960s. In Love Among The Ruins, she is shown negotiating with the male gaze through her personal imitation and professional resistance to perceived ideals.


  1. Peggy Olsen is definitely an interesting character. Male gaze or not, she definitely goes against all the stereotypes of what a woman should be in the 60s (having a child without getting married, etc.)

  2. Yeah, but she is seriously struggling with her place as a woman at s-c in this episode after seeing the Bye Bye Birdie clip, she even tries to imitate it in front of the mirror while she's going to bed. I think her relationship with femininity is way more complicated than "she goes against stereotypes."