Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Jonathan Ames, the unassuming star of HBO's Bored to Death offers a fresh new take on the straight white male, seamlessly innovative yet not without his shortcomings. Unquestionably sincere and unequivocally emotional, Jonathan proves to be multi-faceted and utterly human; a sensibility rarely seen on television (even rarer in comedy) with which he seems privileged to a less critical reading. But while Ames appears to occupy a world free of gender and class distinction, he is actually furthering the normative ideology of the stylishly under-employed and over-educated troupe of young bohemians who share his hip Brooklyn lifestyle.


  1. I actually just started to watch this show this past week (and watched all of it, I'll admit) and I like it. I have nothing substantial to comment on other than this sounds like you'll have a great paper.