Tuesday, October 6, 2009

sure, why not?

After reading Giroux point out details that make a Disney film racist or feminist, I can understand how these may not be good for kids because they'll start stereotyping, the way Disney does. But I honestly don't think Disney is that bad... at least, not in recent films, like those with Pixar. (which I realized "Bob" just mentioned)

For example, Wall-e sends an honest message about our future if we were to become this lazy and if we weren't to take care of our planet. Sure, it may be exaggerated and children may not completely understand, but I think it's a positive direction for Disney films. I can't find anything negative about it besides the out-of-proportion obesity of all the citizens. Overall, I think that movie was exceptional and beautiful.

Then again, there was Cars, which was stereotyping people/voices with cars. The hippy (van), the hick (tow truck), the latino gangsta (low rider), and the sexy girl (Porsche), even the Italian (Ferrari).

Now, I want to talk about Disney's newest movie that is coming out in LA and NYC in November (wide release in December 09) called The Princess and the Frog. This is Disney's first movie with the main character being a black girl and it takes place in New Orleans in the French Quarter. Not to mention, she'll be a frog for most of the movie, not even a human girl.. She was originally going to be a chambermaid, but the producers decided that would be too much of a racial undertone... hmm. What do you think? Is it ridiculous to say this is racist?

Despite being able to pick out negative aspects of every Disney movie, I think it's not a big enough deal to stop children from watching them. Most of them are fairy tales that kids want to watch, and that's okay. But are they GOOD for your kids? Not entirely, since my example of Cars might be how kids will start interpreting cars brands and accents, etc, but I don't think they always understand; Disney movies are just not BAD. I'm just saying that I wasn't affected by these analytical details personally, and I've seen the classic movies that Giroux dissects.

Just don't let them see Vanessa Hudgen's nude pics.


  1. Hm, I actually mentioned Cars as a movie of Disney's that's not being racist but I you make a good point, I watched it so long ago I didn't really remember the different voices. I don't think portraying the princess as a chambermaid seems racist.. maybe I'm too insensitive but I just feel like if people really want to they will always find something to make a fuss about.


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