Monday, October 12, 2009


Well.. I think I'm with Caroline on this one. First of all, I NEVER watch any horrors/slasher/gangster movies, because they are definitely not my type of entertainment and I'm simply scared. And then second of all... this is the midterm week... and thinking about slasher movies puts me in an even more pissed-off mood. But As Caroline pointed out, Science-fiction movies are definitely something worth writing about. Actually, along side with the comedies, Fiction-action movies are one of my favorite. and my favorite one of all times will have to be The Independence Day (1996).

The plot of this movie definitely supports Wright's point that "genre films have been defined as pure myth" (p.41). I mean what more mythical and untrue than the fact that "The aliens are coming and their goal is to invade and destroy" as the first sentence of the plot description of this 1996 movie says on the As the movie continues, the viewers learn that two men (Captain Steven HIller played by Will Smith, and an MIT-graduate who discovers a secret code used by the aliens, played by Jeff Goldblum) are sent in the alien ship to destroy the mother-ship, and thus save Earth and the human kind. Through the process of manipulation and cheating, the two man manage to blow the mother-ship up, and thus save the Earth from perishing. This movie clearly falls into the genre of the Fiction movies. it exhibits all of its characteristics: the threat to the society, "scientific means to destroy the invader" (p.46), and the "necessary materials discovered in the nick of time to save the world" (p.47). And no matter how many more fiction movies will be created again, all of them would exhibit similar characteristics, which would allow for the audience to know that this particular movie that they are about to watch falls under the fiction movies genre.


  1. I can't think of Jeff Goldblum without thinking of this:

  2. hahahah jeff goldblum is a sizzler..

  3. i would go see that in a second

  4. OMG!!!!! this is hilarious:)
    yeah.. he definitely doesn't fit into the Independence Day scenario now :)