Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Gay Riddler

Arteaga refers to one of the six favorite offensive stereotypes used by Hollywood as the Gay/Effeminate Psychopath. He says that this character is usually depicted by “carry[ing] out effeminate gestures and phrases that show a creepy, semi-erotic fascination with the male hero.”


This character type can be seen within the excellent 90’s film, “Batman Forever,” with the character of the Riddler played by Jim Carey. The Riddler dresses in a flamboyant, green colored spandex one piece and dons a cheesy eye mask. The whole motive behind the Riddler’s evil actions stem from his obsessive jealousy of Batman’s (Bruce Wayne) success as he is merely an insignificant inventor.

Jim Carey not only dresses the part of the Gay Psychopath, but his actions also match. From his slinky, cat-like movements to his ultra-effeminate hand positions, the Riddler walks the walk. These things, along with his obsession with Batman and his flamboyant attire, make Jim Carey’s version of the Riddler a great representation of Artega’s definition of the “Gay/Effeminate Psychopath.”

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