Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Love Actually

Ahhhh... Love Actually! The best romantic comedy EVER!
But that's not the point;) I decided to write about this 2003 movie, because it gives great examples of the different parts of the narrative.

Love Actually (2003) is a romantic comedy that tells eight separate love stories. Coincidentally enough, people from each one of the eight stories are somehow connected to each other, thus creating a broader message about love existing all around us. But the interesting aspect of this movie is the fact that these 8 different narratives appear interchangeably, in this somewhat parallel action. The audience get to know all the characters, and they learn to distinguish who is a part of which love story, and as the scenes change, the audience learn to quickly shift their thinking and find themselves in the frames of the next love story.

The audience can also clearly make out the different specific types of the characters within the eight love stories. because of this character typology, the audience know that Harry's receptionist is trouble. She is sexy, and seductive, and definitely has it in for the boss. She tries to seduce him no matter what, by giving him hints, and suggesting he is the reason she looks so beautiful. In this case, it is clear that the character typology of Harry's receptionist is the sexy seductive secretary.

Finally, it is definite that all of the characters portrayed in the eight love stories act out of some motives. The best suitable example is little Sam. At a tender age of about ten, fall s madly in love with one of his schoolmates, Joanna. However, the problem arising when Joanna's parents decide to move back to the United States, motivate Sam to impress her by learning how to play the percussion. Sam's love motive drives him to be determined and do whatever it takes to learn how to play percussion in order to impress Joanna and win her heart.

I don't know about you guys. But I absolutely loooove this movie, and I think that it is the BEST romantic movie ever. And since the Holidays are coming up sooner than we think, I will definitely watch the movie over and over again. And I suggest you do too. It is awesome!

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  1. I love this movie so much! And Sam's love story is definitely the best one out of all of them.