Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Representation of Boy Meets World

For this blog, I am going to examine Cory and Topanga from my all-time favorite TV show, Boy Meets World. What is being represented in this photo is a young, white, attractive, blonde girl named Topanga, and white, curly haired brunette boy named Cory. These two people are dressed in casual clothing and are sitting in a natural setting outside on top of a convertible car. Some codes I used to determine this representation are gender codes, because I noticed that one of the teenagers is female, and the other is male. Race is another code because both of these people are clearly the typical, white American teenager. Additionally, Cory and Topanga are cuddling and holding each other so one can assume through 'commonsense' this code shows that they are dating. The genre of Cory and Topanga's show, Boy Meets World, is definitely a comedy/family-oriented genre because it has been aired on television channels such as ABC and The Disney Channel. Finally, the representation is very positive because both people are smiling and happy to be with eachother. They look like a very happy couple, and if I didn't already know and obsess over the show I would definitely want to watch it because I am a hopeless romantic :)


  1. aaaaaaaw.... I totally loved Boy Meets World!
    damn.. we're getting old!

  2. Omg I love this show so much. Shawn hunter was and is one of my all time fictional crushes

  3. Boy Meets World is definitely a show that many could relate to when they were younger. It was the high school/middle school life. It was most people's first encounters with relationships etc. Excellent show.