Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stewie Griffin, age 1: gay and violent

Complete with an elitist British accent and goals of world domination, Stewie Griffin from Family Guy is a prime example of The Gay/Effeminate Psychopath. The Cracked article references how the "Flaming Homo Bad Guy only has one goal in life, to be gayer and more evil than anybody else," which is exactly what Stewie's character is about. More than anything, Stewie wants to kill his mother, Lois, who doesn't understand what he's saying (which can be confusing...).

In fact, he tries to kill Lois in one of the episodes (so in the next episode, she tries to kill him).

There is a question to his sexuality because he appears to be attracted to girls but he's supposed to be only 1 year old. There is speculation that Stewie is gay, but the creators of the show decided to keep it vague. Supposedly he'll eventually realize he is gay or be closeted forever, and carry his repressive anger towards to his mom. Of course, he's just a baby which might explain his actions and how/what he says; then again he sounds like an older man. The ideas flip flop, you see, but essentially he's gay and violent. Here's a clip of Stewie, being violent (and gay, they say)...

Usually the stories around Stewie in every episode involve his plans to destroy the world, to dominate, or to create some kind of trap or weapon to kill Lois; there are so many examples... So yes, he's the gay/effeminate psychopath.


  1. This is so true. When my friend first told me about it, I didnt believe it, but look closely and everything about him is gay!

    I think the way he speaks is especially telling, and there was also one episode where he wears a dress. Also,whever he interacts with other young girl children, it's always malicious in some way.

  2. OR perhaps us Americans think Stewie is gay because he is really British, we we assume European tendencies are gay?

    While I was studying abroad in London, I have heard a speaker dissect the role of Stewie and why American writers made Stewie "British." They want to say that Stewie thinks that he is better than everyone; however, in reality he is only a little baby with delusional plans. It comments on how the British thinks they are better than everyone (you know, aftereffects of Imperialism?) but they are childish in thinking that.

  3. oi I`m British and I`m not like that and I like Stewie bieng British anyway