Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Al Bundy, The Working-Class Buffoon.

The Ralph, Fred, Archie, and Homer selection, Why Television Keeps Re-Creating the White Male Working-class Buffoon, suggests that certain formulas are employed over and over again by television producers to adhere to time and money restraints. The “male working-class buffoon” is used over and over again because it brings in viewers over and over again.


The perfect example of this “male working-class buffoon” image is alive within the show, “Married with Children.” Al Bundy is a shoe salesman who is dissatisfied with his present life and therefore frequently revisits his past as a football great. As a result of Al’s unhappiness, he is shown frequently tipping back beers and watching tv on the couch.

From his dead-end job to his dysfunctional family, Al Bundy’s life epitomizes Ralph, Fred, Archie, and Homer’s definition of the “white male working-class buffoon.”


  1. loooooove Al!!!!!!!!
    especially when he put his hand behind his pants when he sat to watch TV while drinking bear.
    love him!

  2. Yes, I must say, I do like Married with Children. I suppose this also fits into what is stereotypically considered as "white trash." Also, Married with Children is different in that Peggy, Al's wife, is actually not portrayed as one of the "mature, sensible wives" that appear in many working class shows (Butsch 576).