Monday, October 19, 2009

Racism in the Elevator

Oh... by the way... I know I already posted and stuff... but this is something that I just remembered and that I had to post here, because it ties in with our topic of race and representation!!
I just remembered that I saw this video not too long ago... and that it evoked mixed emotion within me. First I started laughing. I found it so funny when the guy went "Boo" to the chick in the elevator. But then it made me realize.. that I witness the same crap every day. On the train, white people, especially elder women, feel that they need to move away from the African-American guy that sits next to them, or they simply tighten the grip on their belongings. It's sad... it's plainly sad that in the 21st Century America... racism is STILL a problem:/


  1. also... it makes me wonder about racism that goes the other way. It ironically appears that it is OK for Black people to insult White people, but not vice versa. Other than the fact that it IS SAD that racism is still prevalent in our society, IT IS ALSO SAD that it is commonly seen as a White hate towards people of color. Truly... in my opinion... it works both ways EQUALLY.

  2. I'd also be interested in the use of gender-specific language in this piece e.g. "bitch."

  3. yes i agree it'd be interesting to see with the use of gender specific language with this..would it change anything?

  4. This reminds me of the scene in the movie Crash, when Ludacris is complaining to his friend about the racism that black people have to endure on a daily basis and he specifically calls out Sandra Bullock's character for grabbing onto her man's arm when she sees them approaching her- only, Luda really has no reason to complain since he is only reinforcing the stereotype by stealing Sandra's car at the end of his rant...

    This is the scene: