Thursday, October 22, 2009


The animation series, Jackie Chan’s Adventure, is filled with many stereotypes (many Asians, including Jackie and Uncle, have very heavy Chinese accents) and amongst them is the “wise, old, Asian Asshole.”

Jackie Chan is portrayed as the Asian Indiana Jones. He lives with his VERY old Uncle, and everyone in the series calls him Uncle. First off, he is old. He has gray hair and I mean, the man owns an antique store, which further suggests that he is quite old. He is also cranky and mean. He will scold Jackie (or anyone really) with his signature two-fingered smack on the forehead. He is quite demanding in always saying “one MORE thing” in a chain of commands. He also fits in the stereotype of being skilled in martial arts. However, he is also wise in another way. He is very knowledgeable in history and magic. Throughout the show, he saves the day with magic (CANTONESE!) incantations while armed with a dried salamander and a puffer fish. I personally think that he is pretty awesome.

Here is Uncle armed with a Salamander:

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