Thursday, October 22, 2009

When Morgan Freeman Narrates, He's Magical


Morgan Freeman = Eddie Dupris

"The Magic Negro is a simple, humble person."
Eddie Dupris is so simple and humble that he doesn't even want to replace his old socks with holes in them.

"Perhaps he is a janitor, or a farmer, and he doesn't know anything about those fancy colleges or them modern sciences..."

In one scene, Eddie asks who Yates is, because he's not formally educated. And of course, he's the janitor in the boxing gym.

"...but what he knows, he knows from the heart..."

Eddie offers advice to many of the characters in the movie, most of them white and whatever he says is always right

"His entire existence revolves around the lead white character, whom they help with their simple, rustic wisdom..."
Eddie is the supporting character to Clint's and Hilary's characters, both of whom are white.

"It's as if they have nothing better to do."
All Morgan Freeman does is clean up in the gym and do maintenance.

He probably makes a bajillion inspirational speeches throughout the movie, NOT including his omnipresent narration throughout the movie. And whatever he says is always right.

Morgan Freeman's character in Million Dollar Baby is the quintessential Magic Negro.

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