Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Assignment for Thursday & Some Class Housekeeping

This week, you get to pick one of two options (and you can also post by end of day Thursday, since we don't have class and I won't really be online anyway):

1) Read the Cracked article "Hollywood's Six Favorite Offensive Stereotypes". Pick one and write about an example that doesn't appear in the article.

2) Analyze any character from any media using some of the questions from the handout "How to Study Representation." (I will put a copy on Blackboard if you weren't in class to get it). Use at least three or four of the questions.

ALSO: I forgot to mention that one of the readings for class Tuesday has changed. Surette, "Crime and Justice in the News Media" replaces Potter & Kappeler, “Constructing Crime”. It's on Blackboard.

For your blog entry NEXT TUESDAY, use the class material to analyze a news story whether from the physical paper, online, cable news or local news. 

Finally, PLEASE COMMENT ON THE POSTS OF YOUR CLASSMATES. You need to make two comments a week; if you're not doing that, you won't be getting full credit for the week. 

Thanks! Have a great weekend.

- Alice

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