Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Working-Class Buffoon in the 31st Century

An example of a working class buffoon appears in the animated series, Futurama. Fry is a pizza delivery boy in the late 20th century. On a pizza delivering trip, he accidently freezes himself and ends up releasing himself into the 31st century. He is then taken by the Professor, who is one of Fry’s relative in the future and the one who employs him to become a delivery boy in his company, Planet Express. Whether in the past or the future, Fry possesses every trait of the white male working-class buffoon: “dumb, immature, irresponsible, [and] lacking in common sense” (Butsch 576). He is constantly seen causing trouble while on missions around the galaxy. He is also really good friends with Bender, constantly slacking off with him and committing irresponsible acts.

While there are no “mature, sensible wives” in Futurama, Leela, the captain of the delivery ship and Fry’s love interest, plays that role (Butsch 576). She is a competent captain skilled in combat. She is also quite witty when it comes to rejecting her constant suitor, Zapp Brannigan. As an orphan, she is light years ahead of Fry in maturity. Furthermore, she constantly saves her shipmates from trouble.

It is quite ironic to see that the white male working class buffoon still exists in the (fictional) 31st century.

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