Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Buffoon and the Rest

I'm really sorry but this is just the perfect example.

Peter Griffin is the ultimate working-class buffoon because he works in a beer factory/ toy factory, and he's the biggest idiot on television. He is "dumb, immature, irresponsible, and lacking in common sense" (576).

Meanwhile, Lois is the sensible, nature wife who tells Peter not to act like an idiot. She is a housewife but occasionally teaches piano. But because it is a comedic show, she can act stupid and foolish sometimes.

What is great about using Family Guy as an example is the fact that its history is proof of the success of the used formula of the working class buffoon. Family Guy has been canceled twice and brought back and is currently on air. Its DVD sales are so high and the following is strong and cult-like.

I believe that most shows almost always has that one buffoon and that one sensible character(s) that straightens the buffoon.

The Office- Michael Scott is the buffoon
30 Rock- Tracy Jordan is the buffoon and Tina Fey is the sensible one
Parks and Recreation- they all do stupid stuff and straighten each other out

Arrested Development- everyone is buffoon-like
Malcolm in the Middle- the mom works in a grocery store but she's the sensible one who straightens out her boys

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