Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Corzine and the Upcoming Election


Using the Thompson article, I will analyze a New York Times article about the upcoming gubernatorial election in New Jersey and candidate Jon Corzine entitled, "Corzine’s Wall Street Résumé Loses Value for Voter."

This article shows the first part of good journalism: what just happened

Kociniewski cited another article that vilified Goldman Sachs and labeled it as "a great vampire squid" that took everyone's money. Republican rival Christopher Christie campaigns by using Corzine's GS years to ruin his image.

The article also contains some longstanding facts that highlight the career of Jon Corzine:

Corzine's campaign advisers are trying to rebuild his reputation by stressing to the public that it's been 9 years since he left Wall Street. Kocieniewski highlights Corzine's spending habits and goes over his victory in the 2005 gubernatorial election. The article establishes Corzine as an experienced individual with a strong background in finance and someone who came from Wall Street.

The article is more historical than a progressive news story and therefore, the details of how the information was retrieved is not really covered in the article past the occasional citing of a person associated with Corzine. Kocieniewski does refer to surveys that show that the voters’ confidence in Corzine to lead the economy have plummeted.

One part of the good journalistic approaches that was not covered in Corzine's reelection story is "the things we do not know." Perhaps, one could argue that the future of the economy is something that we do not know.

This news story takes into account stakeholders because Corzine, like all politicians, has a tram behind his success and persona. And so during the process of campaigning, it is his team and his allies and partners that have a "stake" in his future for reelection this coming November. The communitarian perspective also needs to be employed because this type of news story is dealing with the citizens who are voting and are deciding the outcome of the election. Therefore, truth and justice are necessary so as to give people a most accurate portrayal of the candidates, in this instance.

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