Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Skyy Vodka in "Sex and the City"

Need I say much more about this ad? It truly speaks for itself. However, I will explain anyway. This is an ad for Skyy Vodka, however it is run in a very unique place, such as this poster advertisement for the Sex in the City movie. Skyy's message here is that by drinking their vodka, you can have an experience as lavish, wild, and exhilarating as a night out with the four girls from Sex and the City. This is an extremely unique idea for Skyy because it is a very interesting place to run this clever ad, however, I think it works great because of the placement of the vodka bottle, in the what looks to be the infamous Times Square billboard, immediately catches the reader's eye because as soon as they recognize the logo "Sex and the City" that is exactly what they then direct their attention to. The limo and the red carpet, along with the outfits of the Sex and the City girls explain how high class this ad it, and also the type of people it's appealing to. Furthermore, it also indicates a strong feeling of "desire" because those fans who love watching this show and have a strong desire to want to be like the cast, will too feel that same desire towards this product. I also think there is a wide variety of color in this ad, which makes for a great color scheme. The lighting is also very bright, as one can see from the glimmering street lights, car lights, and lit up advertisement. This is going to be very exciting and I can't wait to analyze it!

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